Betting Services

In this section we will publish details of  all the various services that we use throughout the course of the day to make us a tidy profit.

Across the web there are literally hundreds of sites promoting the very latest get rich schemes and various  “insiders guides/loopholes  to betfair”. I’ve bought a few of these ebooks out of curiosity and the vast majority of them are utter rubbish.

Listed below are services that I use / have used and personally reccomend.Go to the relevant page by either highlighting the text or just following the tabs which should pop out to the the right (depending on your web browser)

Betfair API: The first and probably most important service that you must consider is  Bet Angel

Financial:  If you are using a high number of bookmaker accounts and don’t want to have these transactions  going through your bank account then you would be well advised to sign up for a Moneybookers account

Laying : If you are interested in laying horses then the recognised industry leader in the field is False Favourites. If your interested in laying service that requires less of your own work then Stats the winner may be the site for you

Football trading: I’ve tried a couple of these services and are the best service I’ve come across-  The guys who run it are superb and answer mails very quickly.  If you are looking for a more “basic service” which deals in strategies like “Lay the draw” quicker service then either/ both of  Ian Erskine/ Matt Abrahams services will be of interest.

Tennis trading: Trade shark tennis

Golf: Birdie golf

There is also lots of information here on various ways to trade using the above systems