Bet Angel

This is in my humble opinion one of the key tools that you should invest in if you are serious about making money from any sort of Sports related betting activity.That could either be simple basic matched betting (making the most out of the bookie bonuses that are freely available on this site )  or full time sports betting trading.

Bet Angel is one of a number of API’s (which stands for Application Programming Interface ) that are officially endorsed by Betfair , some of the other players in the marketplace are Geekstoy,Gruss and Bet Trader Evolution which I have all used to some extent making use of the various free trials. Ultimately the one that you choose will be down to a number of factors however I do think that you will be hard pressed to beat Bet Angel .
You can easily evaluate whether or not the system is for you buy signing up for a free trail by clicking the banner above.
The most cost effective way of paying for the system is to purchase an annual membership to the service for an annual cost of £149. That may sound step but if you then work out that that equates to £12.50 a month that doesn’t seem a great amount for a tried and tested service that isn’t going to disappear overnight and will give you that all important edge.
The back up and after sales service is excellent and one of the features of their service that I really like is that they post a lot of videos on YouTube Bet Angel tv that are well worth watching so you can decide for yourself which trading strategy you are going to follow .There is also an extremely active forum that you will find a good level of activity on- you will find them very helpful when it comes to technical questions although people will quite rightly (in my opinion) be bit more guarded if you waltz in and ask them about trading strategies as in some cases you will be betting/ trading against their money.
If you sign up for an annual subscription to Bet Angel you will also receive free of charge access to two of their other products which are called Soccer Mystic and Tennis trader. These are two excellent products in their own right and will help you greatly to understand the way the markets move both before and more importantly during these live events.

To show the level of  support and professionalism that Bet Angel offer they also run one day training courses on trading- this isn’t ” how to use Bet Angel” but a fully in deth training course showing a variety of different trading styles. I can personally reccomend this having attended and the quality of the course is illustarted by the fact that when I attended there were people there from Italy and Portugal who had flown in the night before.

Click the  link  for more details on the course which is called the  betting exchange academy

If you just want to get a feel for what is happening with Bet Angel trading then this link to the Bet Angel blog is pretty inspiring  as its maintained by Peter Webb who is the founder and Betfair trading legend.