Golf is a sport that lends itself nicely to trading on betfair as the relatively slow pace of the game (about 5 hours for a round on the pro circuit) along with 4 days of action means that you can easily manipulate some nice positions.

There is often value to be had in selecting players with longer odds in the  knowledge that if they go out  early and shoot a low score their odds can fall dramatically allowing you to close out the trade.

If you are betting  on golf you need to have the mentality that will accept long losing streaks as winners will naturally be harder to come by given the longer odds.

Having experimentated with a fair few “pay for” services I’m of the opinion that you will do just as well by using the picks that are published on a weekly basis in the Racing Post (RP) by Steve Palmer and the Racing and Football Outlook (RFO) by Jeremy Chapman.  These numbers are a little out of date and the latest results etc can normally found on the site who follows the picks weekly.!

Steve Palmer
stevepalmer78 Steve Palmer

@freeeasybets Hard to reply without sounding arrogant, but u would av made a fortune following me all season! About 350pts up at last check.