The Pre Match Trading Tool (PMT), also affectionately known as “Shirley~ (God knows why) is the latest development from the team at Trading The tool was first released at the start of the 2011 football season and allows the user to spot prices that are misaligned in the Betfair market and therefore take advantage of these movements by backing and laying.

The tool has recently benefited from a full upgrade and its now fully automated meaning that the 5 most liquid games at any one time are on display and another great addition is that you can instantly see what the prices are without having to move between screens.

Obviously the benefits for such a tool are many however the main two are as follows:

Trading “pre match” can be relatively “risk free” in that even if the price moves against you (which it will from time to time as the tool can never be 100% accurate) you can manage your position accordingly. Sometimes price movements will be quite small (perhaps a tick or two) so you may have to put decent amounts into the market place to achieve a return although clearly this is all relative.

By using the tool and giving yourself some “green” on various results you can then trade other football strategies knowing that you have given yourselves some insurance . In a recent interview with Bingo (co creator) he had this to say:

You’ve recently launched the PMT SERVICE- Tell us a bit about it? Is it to be used in conjunction with your main service etc?

Our service is built around in-play trading. The PMT software added a new dimension to what we do by virtue of the fact that it is possible to make money before a ball has been kicked. The software essentially highlights incorrect prices on Betfair through the use of a number of filters & cross referencing of odds.
The ability to gain “free green” on a particular scoreline or market means you can then enter an in-play trade with a specific strategy knowing that your staking can be adjusted to your favourable advantage. You enter a trade by placing £50 on Under 2.5 as an insurance against your second market. Imagine the benefit of having that £50 already in place without spending any of your own money!

There is also a very useful chat box facility where various tips are posted for the games and videos are regularly posted on you tube that are very helpful in allowing you to understand fully how the tool should be working for you.

One possible downside of the recent changes are that whereas previously membership had been limited to 50 places its now readily available and at first I was concerned about liquidity – however when you take into account  the amount of money traded on the big games you soon realise that there is plenty enough to go around.

The PMT tool is £39 a month with discounts available for longer subscription periods.Click on this link for details

Here is a vdeo showing some of the features of the service