Trading Football

Trading on Betfair has become big business recently and if you do a quick Google search you will find all sorts of sites offering you various types of schemes guaranteeing to make you money. The harsh reality is that the internet is littered with blogs that offer to guide you through their journey on how they are going to turn £100 into far greater sum of money by trading. You may be surprised to learn that average life of one of these blogs is about 60 days and there are two reasons for this: 1) Blogs are a pain in the backside to constantly update and 2) Trading is a tricky business and can be a real test of enthusiasm, discipline and skill.

So where is all this leading to?
I used a couple of different football trading ideas that I had bought after eBay and internet searches and the success I had whetted my appetite for something a litte more indepth that would help guide me through the various “what ifs” that will undoubtedly happen when you are in a real life trading situation.
About six months ago I was recommended to look at the trading football site through a mutual friend and have been a member ever since.
Membership is £25 month. Firstly let me say that if you think that is overpriced then you should stop reading now! The amount of money that you will generate through the host of ideas on the site will be many times that.
So what do you get for your money?
Well I will list that in a minute, but for me the most important factor with the service is their attitude. There is nothing that is too much trouble for the two guys who run the site “Bingo” and Ads” and they positively encourage people to join in, make some money but be friendly and civilised when doing it (something that is all too rare if you look at places like the Betfair forum for instance).
Ok so we like the attitude but what do we actually get for our monthly money?
First of when you join you will get access to 6 videos that will introduce you to some of the basic betting strategies and give you a feel for what you will need to be looking at – I’ve posted a couple of the free ones here to give you a “feel for what they are like.example videos
You will also receive various documents on trading ideas and examples which once you have read and watched the videos will mean you should be ready to have a go.
Membership also gives you access to the both of the chat rooms that they operate. In here you will have access to all sorts of expert advice as not only are one of the two owners always in and giving advice (in green) but members comments can also be seen and these are very helpful.
They will mail you with a “trade of the day” which will recommend which strategy to use and on what game-this will be based on their understanding of what is likely/already happening to the prices for the games but also their “feel “for what may happen in the game. Of course if you disagree with their view then just don’t get involved! A great feature of lot of the strategies is that they think about insurance” so you are normally covered if something completely unexpected happens in the game! Here is an example of the type of information you will recive as part of a trade of the day
They also have a service called betnotes that is a system that allows you to keep all your strategies in one place- there is other functionality available with this application however I’m not going to recommend it until I have had a chance to fully understand it.
Once you are comfortable with the service then I would recommend buying some more videos to expand your level of expertise and possibilities to trade.

In summary if you are in anyway interested in making money from trading on football via Betfair then this is service that you really can’t afford to be without- I realise that sounds a bit too much like a sales pitch but I really can’t recommend the service enough. The results speak for themselves monthly-results

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