Homer family of football strategies

The development of this service is quite an interesting one. “Handy Andy” started a blog back in April 2010 and was originally about his attempts at pre race horse trading, as the blog eveolves he develops an interest in football trading.

I came across Andy first of all in the Tradingfootball.eu chat room where he was always quite an active member and was quite often throwing in ideas for trades so it was obvious that he had his own ideas on strategies.

Andy shared these strategies with the trading football community for free and could be quite often in the trading room leading the night’s actions. On a few occasions when I had traded them independently and was a bit unsure as too what I should be doing he would help me out in the private chat areas.

Fast forward to MID November 2011 and the blog is all about Andy’s family of strategies called the “HOMER”. Obviously I can’t say too much here but the strategy is (unsurprisingly considering the name) based on performance of the home team and uses the correct score market.

All the detail is here.

Here’s a tiny snippet of the type of information sent out

     Thursday 17/11

It is unlikely that there will be anything to trade.

22.50pm Atletico v Cortiba & Flamengo v Figueirense HOMER would be okay if the unders reached 1.85 but they are well off that as prices are around 2.08.

 Friday 18/11

16.15pm CSKA Moscow v Rubin Kazan HOMER unlikely as all CS prices or a tick or two away from the minimums and liquidity is not always good for Russian games but it’s worth putting on the rolling watch.

 19.30pm Kaiserslautern v Leverkusen HOMERDOG. This will be my pick as long as prices stay more or less the same. 12th v 8th with prices that lean too far towards Leverkusen. The German league is usually blessed with goals. This will be shown live on ESPN

In summary if you are currently either trading football on Betfair and looking to specialise or just starting off and want to learn one step at a time then it’s definitely worth having a look.

One last thing- You won’t get any marketing bullshit from the guy which is quite refreshing and a nice change from all the usual “only 3 place left and then I must close “nonsense.