Bookmakers to Avoid

Here is a link to a list of bookmakers that we would advise extreme caution when dealing with.  This is taken from the excellent (SBR

As a rule most books in the United Kingdom are extremly safe to deal as the regulatory authorities are very strict with who they adward licences to. Ok so they might sometimes  limit the size of the bets that you can place or ban you from taking part on their bonus promotions but the risk of them actually confiscating your cash is pretty non existant unless you have been done someEthing seriously illegal!

If you move further away from the United KIngdom you will frequently hear horror stories with a lot of organisations setting up with the offer of massive sign up bonuses which they then either don’t honour or are very very slow at parting with any winnings. Some of the worst of these recently have been based out of Malta with the authorities there being particulary “toothless”.

I work on the principle that if I don’t trust them to pay a bonus then would I trust  them to pay out on a bet? As always do your own research…….